Ready To Start Volunteering?

There are so many opportunities right here in our own community to help make a huge difference and get involved. If you are a student looking for some volunteer hours, or a resident looking for something to do, or someone who truly wants to make Cape an even better place… here is a list of local organizations for you that need your help and are easy to get involved with!

4 Local Nonprofit Organizations You Should Be Involved In


1. One City – A non profit organization “Uniting our city as one”.  Everyone should check out their website . This place is going to help bring our community together by providing resources, relationships, and community development to Cape G. This place is doing BIG THINGS, people! Get involved!

2. Hope Children’s Home – A transitional home for children who have been taken into protective custody, “Hope Children’s Home is a non-profit children’s home that provides emergency shelter for our foster children in the Cape Girardeau and surrounding counties. ” Definitely check out their website . The home often needs donations and volunteers. Who doesn’t love to work with kids?!?

3. Care Portal – This a great organization that donates more than just money to families in need. You can help by donating money or going through your small group or church to get involved.  Visit their website  for the all the information. These people are doing really great things and who wouldn’t be honored to be part of an organization like this??

4. Habitat for Humanity – Of course, this is always a fun one to be part of. Not only do you get to give someone the gift of shelter, but you learn so much about yourself! Putting in the hard work of actually creating a house for someone is so rewarding for everyone involved. Here is the local Habitat for Humanity’s website  to get involved.

Keep Our City Great!

There are so many ways to involve yourself in your community. Take a chance, make a phone call, get some friends to join with you, and just do it. Volunteering your time in the local community will help Cape be a better place. We love our city and like to see it thrive but the only way to keep it strong is to volunteer our time and efforts in making it this better, bigger, awesome city!




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