We get the same questions over and over again but the best questions are never asked.

We have compiled 5 great questions to ask your Property Manager or Landlord before you move in:


  1. What is your Guest Policy? “My sister just lost her job and needs a place to stay for a couple weeks. Can she stay with me until she finds a place?” – Every company is different, but the answer to this should be spelled out in your lease. Our lease says that any adult staying more than 2 weeks consecutively, must be added to the lease. We also require that all adults on the lease are approved through our application process.
  2. Where do I park? – Most of our properties have private parking. Always park in your own spot if its assigned parking. If you have a guest, have them park in your spot or in guest parking. No guest parking, you said? They need to carpool with you to the apartment or park on the street. It is never a good idea to let them park in someone else’s spot.
  3. Can my best friend’s dog come visit me sometimes? – No. If the building you live in is not pet friendly, no animals are aloud ever, even those just visiting. Same goes for a pet friendly building if you don’t have an animal listed on your lease.  Most companies will slap a big fine on you for unauthorized pets.
  4. Can I install an entertainment center? – Usually, no. For some houses, you can have a TV mounted to the wall if its professionally done. Otherwise, Landlords typically do not want you to alter the structure of the home without their prior consent.
  5. How do I get in touch with my Landlord? –  It is always best to call the office phone directly. In case of life threatening emergency call 911. For urgent but non life threatening emergencies, most companies have a after hours answering service. You can just leave a message with them and the staff on call can give you a call back and fix whatever problems are going on.

If you aren’t sure about something, it is always best to just ask first. Remember, this is a rental and someone else owns this property, not you. As the old saying goes ” It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” ….. EXCEPT when you are renting!

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