Happy Thanksgiving ! We are feeling extra grateful this season for all of the positive reviews and awesome people we have had the pleasure of working with. If you are also feeling the love, take a moment and drop us a google review here

Not only do we love seeing all the positive reviews, we also learn a lot. We take every opportunity to improve our business and reviews definitely aid in that. Feedback is a great tool to use to improve our system and better respond to issues. We are forever grateful that you give us these opportunities and help us grow.

Also, as you probably already know, we have a social media presence that we are trying to increase. If you would take the time to like our Facebook page as well as our Instagram page, that would be greatly appreciated. While visiting our social media, you will see new properties listed, any discounts being offered, and inspirational quotes and relevant pictures to the area. Again, we are always up for suggestions, if you have any ideas for our social media or pictures that you would like us to post, please email us here. 

Our Holiday Hours are as follows: 

We would also like to remind our students and anyone else leaving for the holidays to leave the heat on in your apartment or house. You never know with Missouri weather what we may get, but with colder temps, its very important to keep the unit warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Have a wonderful and safe trip home and Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: capearearentals on November 21, 2018
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