Tis’ the season to be cold! It is time to winterize your home again.

“Winterize?” you say. We use this term to describe how to prevent your home from becoming a really cold swimming pool in the winter months.


Every year, we get a bit of cold weather, sometimes extreme, usually not so much. This year, the forecasters are predicting a cooler than normal winter. For some of us, this just means fewer work/school days and more artsy pictures of pretty snow posted on Instagram. For the rest of us, it means winterizing our homes for the rest of the season. One huge mistake we found last year was some of our slab foundation houses left their outside water hose attached to the spigot. When the outside temps reach a freezing degree, these hoses tend to freeze to the spigot and cause the pipes inside the walls to freeze. Once these pipes freeze, they tend to burst and cause some major damage. We try to remind all of our tenants every year to disconnect that hose but occasionally, the weather will warm up and you need that hose one more time and then its forgotten about… until they freeze. So we ask everyone to do a quick assessment of their property:

Do I have a water hose outside and is it UN-hooked? ✔

Is my thermostat set to at least 58°? ✔

Do I have a small stream of water running in at least one sink? ✔

These few things can really make a difference in the winter months.


We have several college type properties around town. Houses, apartments, duplexes, etc. Most of the students pack up and go home for the holidays. When leaving town, it is extremely important to remember to set your thermostat to heat and unhook any outside hoses. The most common mistake our college students make is turning the thermostat completely off and inadvertently, freezing up the apartment in their absence. You may not know, but if the unit gets above or below a certain temp, you are technically breaking your lease agreement now. These extreme highs and lows can affect the unit in negative ways and you could be held liable for any damages.


One last thing, don’t forget about your pets during the cooler months. Dogs get cold too! When you leave for winter break, take your pet with you!

For any questions please contact us here. 

Thank you!



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