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Hello Fall Semester!

Welcome Back!

It’s been a great summer and we are so glad to have everyone back for the Fall Semester. This is going to be a great year!

We love to keep our tenants informed and updated. Here are few things you may have missed this summer:

  1. All of our properties within walking distance to campus are rented! We have a very limited number of units available for the Spring Semester, so if you know someone needing a place for January… we are already signing leases!!


2. 3 Village Drive has been re branded! The new name for 3 Village Drive is Hawk’s Pointe (not affiliated with Village on the Green). You will see a brand new, updated, sign out front soon. We LOVE this property. Its close to campus, the rooms are HUGE, and the price is great.



3. We have an AMAZING intern from SEMO who is helping us with our Social Media and overall marketing. We hope she never leaves!!


We have several hundred followers on both Facebook and Instagram now and would love for each of our tenants and their friends to continue to like and follow our pages. This is where we post any specials, promotions and available properties.






4. We added 5 more buildings to Redhawk Commons over the Spring Semester and the first tenants just finished moving in. As you may have guessed, there are a few more buildings going up again next semester, so if you know anyone in need of a place next year, call me!


On a side note of that—since we will have a few brand-new buildings next year, if you are in a sorority/fraternity, on a sports team, or just have a group of friends that would like to be located in the same building for the next school year… contact us 573-332-8100 and we can reserve an entire building for your group!



That is enough reading for now! We look forward to another great year with you!

Great Questions To Ask Your Property Manager

We get the same questions over and over again but the best questions are never asked.

We have compiled 5 great questions to ask your Property Manager or Landlord before you move in:


  1. What is your Guest Policy? “My sister just lost her job and needs a place to stay for a couple weeks. Can she stay with me until she finds a place?” – Every company is different, but the answer to this should be spelled out in your lease. Our lease says that any adult staying more than 2 weeks consecutively, must be added to the lease. We also require that all adults on the lease are approved through our application process.
  2. Where do I park? – Most of our properties have private parking. Always park in your own spot if its assigned parking. If you have a guest, have them park in your spot or in guest parking. No guest parking, you said? They need to carpool with you to the apartment or park on the street. It is never a good idea to let them park in someone else’s spot.
  3. Can my best friend’s dog come visit me sometimes? – No. If the building you live in is not pet friendly, no animals are aloud ever, even those just visiting. Same goes for a pet friendly building if you don’t have an animal listed on your lease.  Most companies will slap a big fine on you for unauthorized pets.
  4. Can I install an entertainment center? – Usually, no. For some houses, you can have a TV mounted to the wall if its professionally done. Otherwise, Landlords typically do not want you to alter the structure of the home without their prior consent.
  5. How do I get in touch with my Landlord? –  It is always best to call the office phone directly. In case of life threatening emergency call 911. For urgent but non life threatening emergencies, most companies have a after hours answering service. You can just leave a message with them and the staff on call can give you a call back and fix whatever problems are going on.

If you aren’t sure about something, it is always best to just ask first. Remember, this is a rental and someone else owns this property, not you. As the old saying goes ” It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” ….. EXCEPT when you are renting!

Updates For Your Return Back

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and winter break. Welcome back! We missed you!

While you were gone, we had some big updates:

  1. We are now on Facebook and Instagram  . Follow us 🙂
  2. We are expanding Redhawk Commons. We expect to have several BRAND NEW buildings by May 2018. We have already started signing leases.
  3. We are now marketing the properties closer to campus for Fall Leases.
  4. Finally, and my favorite update: We had a record breaking number of tenants renew their leases this year!! Sincerely, thank you! 

We love and appreciate all of our tenants and can not wait to create great relationships with all of our new tenants.

Leaving For The Holidays?

Are you leaving for the holidays? 

The semester is FINALLY over! You made it! You get to come back for another semester. But first, you need to get back home and see your family for winter break and the holidays… and eat lots of food! I have added some tips and tricks to make leaving for winter break not so stressful.

First and foremost, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, turn off your electric/utilities. 

Second, this is the biggest and most costly mistake tenants can make: Turning your heat too far down.  A lot of people think they can save money by turning the A/C unit completely off or below 56 degrees… WRONG. If you don’t set your heat to at least 58 degrees, pipes can freeze, things can short circuit, your apartment will be super cold when you get back and you will just end up running the heat to get back to a good temp which is going to cost you… its just bad all around.

Reminder: Any damages created by you, can, and most likely, will be billed back to you.

Next, make sure you lock up. Check your windows and doors, clothes any blinds or curtains. I would advise taking any valuables with you. Of course, take your pet if you have one. Its not a bad idea to leave a nightlight plugged in near a visible window or door, they don’t take much energy and they only come on at night.

Finally, leave your school work here! Go home and relax. You deserve it!! 



November 28, 2017

On this #GivingTuesday, day after Cyber Monday, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match up to $2 million of funds raised through Facebook. Facebook is going to waive all the fees on this day. This is an awesome time to give to your favorite non profit organization. Anything you give will be matched until that initial $2 million has been used up. This is the easiest way to make a difference! You don’t even have to get up early.. just get on Facebook (which you do everyday already) and click a few buttons.. ta-da! You just made a difference in your favorite non profit organization! 

Here are a few places you can donate to on Facebook on #GivingTuesday:



Click on your favorite organization above and it will take you straight to their Facebook page where you can donate.

There are so many organizations to choose from. Just remember that on #GivingTuesday, only non profit organizations are included in the event.


Give a little back this year!  



5 Reasons Why – Renter’s Insurance

Don’t have it? Get it. – Renter’s Insurance

Have you been contemplating whether or not to get renter’s insurance? I have an answer for you… YES. Renter’s insurance is a must. You never know what may happen! I could give you a whole book on incidents caused by tenants where insurance, thankfully, covered everything.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should get Renter’s Insurance

  1. It’s Required – Most property management companies require tenants to carry some form of a Renter’s policy. We are one of those companies! If someone doesn’t want to get their own policy, we actually can provide them with a basic liability coverage (will talk more about this in No. 4).
  2. It’s not expensive –  I know this may sound crazy, but… renter’s insurance is not expensive!! Normally its only about $12/month. And trust me, its totally worth it. 

3. It covers your personal property – Although we don’t require your personal property to be covered, we highly recommend you get some coverage for your belongings. Let’s say your neighbor starts a kitchen fire while attempting to cook and your apartment gets smoke damage and none of your clothes will ever smell the same again… Ta-Da! Renter’s insurance will replace those smelly clothes!! – You’re Welcome 🙂

      4. Liability – This is the main thing that our company requires all renters to have. At least $100,000 in liability insurance. Let’s say that you were the neighbor who caused the kitchen fire. The fire damaged the kitchen cabinets and now all the cabinets need to be replaced… at your cost!! Thank goodness you have $100,000 in liability! Your insurance will cover the cost of those cabinets and you will be more careful in kitchen from now on. 


5. Peace of mind – Who doesn’t want to feel secure in their own home, knowing that no matter what happens, its just “stuff” that can be replaced and you don’t have to feel the financial burden of it. If paying $10 to $12 a month for insurance brings you peace of mind, then its worth it! (Regardless, it’s required here at EPM)


Local Places To Volunteer

Ready To Start Volunteering?

There are so many opportunities right here in our own community to help make a huge difference and get involved. If you are a student looking for some volunteer hours, or a resident looking for something to do, or someone who truly wants to make Cape an even better place… here is a list of local organizations for you that need your help and are easy to get involved with!

4 Local Nonprofit Organizations You Should Be Involved In


1. One City – A non profit organization “Uniting our city as one”.  Everyone should check out their website . This place is going to help bring our community together by providing resources, relationships, and community development to Cape G. This place is doing BIG THINGS, people! Get involved!

2. Hope Children’s Home – A transitional home for children who have been taken into protective custody, “Hope Children’s Home is a non-profit children’s home that provides emergency shelter for our foster children in the Cape Girardeau and surrounding counties. ” Definitely check out their website . The home often needs donations and volunteers. Who doesn’t love to work with kids?!?

3. Care Portal – This a great organization that donates more than just money to families in need. You can help by donating money or going through your small group or church to get involved.  Visit their website  for the all the information. These people are doing really great things and who wouldn’t be honored to be part of an organization like this??

4. Habitat for Humanity – Of course, this is always a fun one to be part of. Not only do you get to give someone the gift of shelter, but you learn so much about yourself! Putting in the hard work of actually creating a house for someone is so rewarding for everyone involved. Here is the local Habitat for Humanity’s website  to get involved.

Keep Our City Great!

There are so many ways to involve yourself in your community. Take a chance, make a phone call, get some friends to join with you, and just do it. Volunteering your time in the local community will help Cape be a better place. We love our city and like to see it thrive but the only way to keep it strong is to volunteer our time and efforts in making it this better, bigger, awesome city!




Welcome to our Blog!

Executive Property Management is excited to get this blog off to a great start.

10 years ago, this company was started with just a couple properties. We now manage hundreds of properties, ranging from 1 bedroom studios to 5 bedroom executive level homes.  We are the area’s leader in off-campus living with many amenities included in rent.

We hope to keep everyone updated with this blog. Look forward to reading about different ways to be involved in the community, rental tips and tricks, local activities, and so much more!

Thank you so much!



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