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Executive Property Management is here to make our owners’ investments as profitable as possible. We represent residential homeowners, investors, and corporations both locally and from around the world.

  • Property Assessments – Educated price opinion & suggestions for securing a lease in a timely manner.
  • Professional Showings – Every prospective tenant receives a full-service tour by our experienced and professional staff who is very knowledgeable about Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas.
  • Application Screening – Every applicant is professionally screened for credit, income, previous rental history and criminal background.
  • Legal and Binding Contracts – We use Missouri Association of Realtors legal leases and contracts.
  • Lease Signing – The lease will be sent as soon as possible to allow the tenants to review and ask any questions prior to signing and move in.
  • Final Walk-Through – We carefully document conditions of every room in the property. The document is reviewed with the tenant at the move-in so that all parties agree with the condition. At the end of the lease, we can truly asses normal wear and tear versus tenant caused damages.
  • Security Deposit and Rent Collection – Each applicant must submit their security deposit at the time of the lease signing. Tenants make all payments to Executive Property Management.
  • Online Payment Option – We offer online payment options for our tenants and direct deposit payments to our owners.
  • Exterior Maintenance – We conduct frequent exterior inspections to assess the exterior and curb appeal, to ensure each property is cared for properly.
  • Interior Walk-Throughs – As a landlord, we must respect the tenants and their right to live peacefully during the term of their lease, however, if we have need to inspect the property, we can do so with timely notice.
  • ​Regular Maintenance -​ Any time a maintenance need arises, we take the opportunity to correct the issue and assess the maintenance and care of the property in general.
  • Emergency 24 Hour Maintenance – Owners and tenants can be secure knowing all emergency maintenance issues will be addressed in a timely manner.
  • Renewal Signing – Early on, we have communication with Tenants prior to their lease expirations to confirm plans to renew or begin marketing the property to new prospective tenants. This ensures a shorter turnover.
  • Communication– Our staff has proactive and responsive communication with all of our clients, tenants and customers.