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The Weekend

The weekend is just around the corner! Have you already found your new apartment for the next school year?  Now is the time! Take this weekend to do some research. Do you want to live close to campus next year? How close? Walking distance or a quick drive? We have a little of everything. Our houses close to campus are already being snatched up but we have several different apartments available. Our website is updated daily with new listings. Take a look here, and do some research on your own. We have accurate pictures and descriptions, as well as availability dates. Follow us here, to see any special promotions or new listings.


Don’t miss out! We want you to have a place to live next year. Find a roommate and apply today. The application process is super easy. If you are student, we don’t require proof of income or a credit score as long as you have a parent co-signer. Also, the application, lease, and payments are all online. How easy is that?! There is no excuse to find your next home this weekend! Get online and make it happen.



Pet Friendly

Here at Executive Property Management, we have several pet friendly properties. We love our pets at home and want our residents to enjoy their pets at their home as well. Do you love your pet? Send us a picture of your pet in front of your apartment and we can post it to our social media page! We love seeing happy tenants, including their pets. 

In order for our properties to remain pet friendly, we do have a few rules we ask everyone to abide by:

• All pets must be fully grown and under 35 lbs

• No puppies or kittens

• Must be house trained

• Dogs must be on a leash when outside

• Pick up after your pet outside

• Pets must be registered and immunized in accordance with all applicable laws and requirements

• Dogs cannot bark loudly in an apartment setting


Following these simple rules makes for a happy place, happy residents and happy pets! If you would like to add a pet to your lease or have any questions, contact us here. 

Student Rentals

Spring semester is just around the corner…

Have you secured your housing for the Fall? Yes, I said Fall. Majority of the next Fall Semester student rentals have already been marketed and some leased. If you haven’t given any thought to your housing next year, you are way behind. If you aren’t on a waitlist, you are behind.  If you are thinking about housing but don’t really know where you want to live yet, you are behind. If you are looking but haven’t found anything, getting better. If you have found your apartment or house close to campus and signed and lease and paid the deposit, you are right on time!

Most student rental companies in the area have already offered their current residents special renewal options. We have also started marketing our student rentals for the fall semester and we are signing leases and collecting deposits. Now is the time to lock in your housing for the next school year, or you may miss out or be stuck with something not so close to campus. We have several student rentals and houses close to campus and we barely post them to our website before we rent them. Larger homes are a hot commodity in this area and if you aren’t already on a waitlist, it might be too late for a big house close to campus.

Don’t fear though! We are adding several new additions to our property at Redhawk Commons. If you sign up soon, you could have one of the newest apartments in town! We also have several college houses that haven’t been available for a few years (tenants are graduating) that will be available this May! Don’t forget to check out our website and social media for updates on listings. You can also contact us here or call us at 573-332-8100 and at the very least, set up some showings and get yourself on a waitlist!


Tis’ the season to be cold! It is time to winterize your home again.

“Winterize?” you say. We use this term to describe how to prevent your home from becoming a really cold swimming pool in the winter months.


Every year, we get a bit of cold weather, sometimes extreme, usually not so much. This year, the forecasters are predicting a cooler than normal winter. For some of us, this just means fewer work/school days and more artsy pictures of pretty snow posted on Instagram. For the rest of us, it means winterizing our homes for the rest of the season. One huge mistake we found last year was some of our slab foundation houses left their outside water hose attached to the spigot. When the outside temps reach a freezing degree, these hoses tend to freeze to the spigot and cause the pipes inside the walls to freeze. Once these pipes freeze, they tend to burst and cause some major damage. We try to remind all of our tenants every year to disconnect that hose but occasionally, the weather will warm up and you need that hose one more time and then its forgotten about… until they freeze. So we ask everyone to do a quick assessment of their property:

Do I have a water hose outside and is it UN-hooked? ✔

Is my thermostat set to at least 58°? ✔

Do I have a small stream of water running in at least one sink? ✔

These few things can really make a difference in the winter months.


We have several college type properties around town. Houses, apartments, duplexes, etc. Most of the students pack up and go home for the holidays. When leaving town, it is extremely important to remember to set your thermostat to heat and unhook any outside hoses. The most common mistake our college students make is turning the thermostat completely off and inadvertently, freezing up the apartment in their absence. You may not know, but if the unit gets above or below a certain temp, you are technically breaking your lease agreement now. These extreme highs and lows can affect the unit in negative ways and you could be held liable for any damages.


One last thing, don’t forget about your pets during the cooler months. Dogs get cold too! When you leave for winter break, take your pet with you!

For any questions please contact us here. 

Thank you!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving ! We are feeling extra grateful this season for all of the positive reviews and awesome people we have had the pleasure of working with. If you are also feeling the love, take a moment and drop us a google review here

Not only do we love seeing all the positive reviews, we also learn a lot. We take every opportunity to improve our business and reviews definitely aid in that. Feedback is a great tool to use to improve our system and better respond to issues. We are forever grateful that you give us these opportunities and help us grow.

Also, as you probably already know, we have a social media presence that we are trying to increase. If you would take the time to like our Facebook page as well as our Instagram page, that would be greatly appreciated. While visiting our social media, you will see new properties listed, any discounts being offered, and inspirational quotes and relevant pictures to the area. Again, we are always up for suggestions, if you have any ideas for our social media or pictures that you would like us to post, please email us here. 

Our Holiday Hours are as follows: 

We would also like to remind our students and anyone else leaving for the holidays to leave the heat on in your apartment or house. You never know with Missouri weather what we may get, but with colder temps, its very important to keep the unit warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Have a wonderful and safe trip home and Happy Thanksgiving!

Walden Park

 Walden Park is a beautiful area nestled in a quiet neighborhood just off Kingshighway.

Hello Fall Semester!

Welcome Back!

It’s been a great summer and we are so glad to have everyone back for the Fall Semester. This is going to be a great year!

We love to keep our tenants informed and updated. Here are few things you may have missed this summer:

  1. All of our properties within walking distance to campus are rented! We have a very limited number of units available for the Spring Semester, so if you know someone needing a place for January… we are already signing leases!!


2. 3 Village Drive has been re branded! The new name for 3 Village Drive is Hawk’s Pointe (not affiliated with Village on the Green). You will see a brand new, updated, sign out front soon. We LOVE this property. Its close to campus, the rooms are HUGE, and the price is great.



3. We have an AMAZING intern from SEMO who is helping us with our Social Media and overall marketing. We hope she never leaves!!


We have several hundred followers on both Facebook and Instagram now and would love for each of our tenants and their friends to continue to like and follow our pages. This is where we post any specials, promotions and available properties.






4. We added 5 more buildings to Redhawk Commons over the Spring Semester and the first tenants just finished moving in. As you may have guessed, there are a few more buildings going up again next semester, so if you know anyone in need of a place next year, call me!


On a side note of that—since we will have a few brand-new buildings next year, if you are in a sorority/fraternity, on a sports team, or just have a group of friends that would like to be located in the same building for the next school year… contact us 573-332-8100 and we can reserve an entire building for your group!



That is enough reading for now! We look forward to another great year with you!

Great Questions To Ask Your Property Manager

We get the same questions over and over again but the best questions are never asked.

We have compiled 5 great questions to ask your Property Manager or Landlord before you move in:


  1. What is your Guest Policy? “My sister just lost her job and needs a place to stay for a couple weeks. Can she stay with me until she finds a place?” – Every company is different, but the answer to this should be spelled out in your lease. Our lease says that any adult staying more than 2 weeks consecutively, must be added to the lease. We also require that all adults on the lease are approved through our application process.
  2. Where do I park? – Most of our properties have private parking. Always park in your own spot if its assigned parking. If you have a guest, have them park in your spot or in guest parking. No guest parking, you said? They need to carpool with you to the apartment or park on the street. It is never a good idea to let them park in someone else’s spot.
  3. Can my best friend’s dog come visit me sometimes? – No. If the building you live in is not pet friendly, no animals are aloud ever, even those just visiting. Same goes for a pet friendly building if you don’t have an animal listed on your lease.  Most companies will slap a big fine on you for unauthorized pets.
  4. Can I install an entertainment center? – Usually, no. For some houses, you can have a TV mounted to the wall if its professionally done. Otherwise, Landlords typically do not want you to alter the structure of the home without their prior consent.
  5. How do I get in touch with my Landlord? –  It is always best to call the office phone directly. In case of life threatening emergency call 911. For urgent but non life threatening emergencies, most companies have a after hours answering service. You can just leave a message with them and the staff on call can give you a call back and fix whatever problems are going on.

If you aren’t sure about something, it is always best to just ask first. Remember, this is a rental and someone else owns this property, not you. As the old saying goes ” It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” ….. EXCEPT when you are renting!

Updates For Your Return Back

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and winter break. Welcome back! We missed you!

While you were gone, we had some big updates:

  1. We are now on Facebook and Instagram  . Follow us 🙂
  2. We are expanding Redhawk Commons. We expect to have several BRAND NEW buildings by May 2018. We have already started signing leases.
  3. We are now marketing the properties closer to campus for Fall Leases.
  4. Finally, and my favorite update: We had a record breaking number of tenants renew their leases this year!! Sincerely, thank you! 

We love and appreciate all of our tenants and can not wait to create great relationships with all of our new tenants.

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